Winter Staycation? Schedule a Ski Trip

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There are many fun things you can do with snow, but perhaps none is more fun than skiing. So pull on the snowsuit and head downhill.

How to Make it Happen

Check your state’s tourism website for locations of ski facilities in your area. For a weekend trip, do online searches for package deals. If you do not have your own equipment make sure rentals are offered. If you are not a skier, sign up for lessons from a qualified instructor. Try snowboarding-you may find it is easier.

Ski Staycation On A Budget

When you start thinking about a ski Cheap staycation Singapore, you will find a large offering of resorts and packages. Finding a wonderful spot is not difficult but finding a ski slope that fits into your budget can be the real challenge. My suggestion? Look closer to home!

To save money, look for places close to you. Whether you live in Indiana or Colorado, you are bound to find a ski resort that is close enough to drive. And just because the place close to you is not as well known as the other resorts does not mean that they will not be as fun, in fact, quite the contrary! The prices may be a cheaper but the fun you are bound to have is just as good. Another advantage of finding a ski resort that is close to home is the money you’ll save on lodging, meals and transportation.

If you can not find a ski resort within driving distance and still want to save some money, be willing to make some sacrifices. For instance, instead of renting equipment from the lift, see if you can borrow equipment from friends. You can also save money on eating by eating fast food or even better making sandwiches in your room instead of eating an an overpriced lodge restaurant. If you are a beginner and need to take lessons, you can save some money by taking group lessons instead of private lessons. If your local slope is a little beyond driving distance and you must stay, do not stay at the lodge but stay at a motel a little farther away. There are numerous ways that you can cut down on the expense of your ski Cheap staycation Singapore. Remember, it is all about the snow and the memories with your loved ones!

Additional Staycation Activities

  1. Learn how to cross-country ski.
  2. Go ice-skating
  3. Go sledding