Setting Up A Buffet For Your Catering Event

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Your buffet design should be attractive, creative and going along with your decorating theme. Setting up your buffet well would require you to know the number of people who are coming as well as the availability of space in the room. If the room is too small for a big table or too small as compared to the number of guests you have then it is best that you have a double-sided buffet. The double sided buffet will make it possible for guests to serve themselves from both sides. A single-sided buffet can be set or an island if there is enough space in the room.

Double sided buffet require you to make levels of dishes. The highest level should be at the middle and then running down. For a single side buffet the highest level should be at the furthest from the guests. Creating these buffets would ensure that the guest will have a better view of all the food types and also will make the food more appealing. The levels could be made by using tipped off pots or stacks of books and then covering these levels with fabric that incorporates the design theme.

The Layout of the food on the table should make it easier for guests to take their food. At the beginning of the table they should be plates being followed by salads, cold side dishes, bread and then hot dishes. Gravies and soups should be put along side the meat or food it accompanies Appropriate serving spoons can be placed inside the dish or adjacent to each food type. At the end of the buffet they must be cutlery for the guest to use to eat. The cutlery must be wrapped in clean napkins and can be placed in a nice stylish basket or they can just be placed on the table.

Tour theme of the buffet must be incorporated in your designs. Mexican fiesta would need you to use salsa fabric to decorate your buffet. An autumn harvest theme would need you to decorate your buffet in colours like brown and gold. Before putting the food on the buffet it needs to be warmed and put it five minutes before the event starts.

There is also need to refill your entire platter during the event. Several of the platters must always be ready in case one finishes. Remember to put a trash can somewhere where you guests can see it.

When most people use the word caterer, they use the word to describe a person who serves food at a special event by using wait staff, or setting up a self-serve buffet. This description is not far from the truth. However, there are several different types of caterers which may require a group or individual to need a top catering Singapore service. Basically, a catering business provides food service at remote sites. Understanding the different descriptions will enable you to make the right top catering Singapore selection that is appropriate for your event.