Photocopiers – An Overview

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A photocopier is an electronic device that is designed to reproduce pages and images instantly and cost effectively. The main features of a photocopying machine include the ability to enlarge and minimize images, reproduce the color images, stapling, fastening, creating overhead transparencies, and collating or arranging the pages of a book in correct manner for binding. A photocopier works based on the attractive force between the objects with different electric charges where some objects become better electrical conductors when illuminated by light. Several types of photocopiers are available in the market, including analog photocopier, digital photocopier, network copiers, multifunction and laser photocopier.

Analog Copiers: The analog photocopiers are the oldest photocopying machines and have been widely used till the advent of modern digital copiers. They are cheaper than all other photocopiers and are ideal for doing small photocopying projects. The major disadvantage of this photocopier is that they can do only scanning and cannot make high quality images like other advanced copiers.

Digital Photocopiers: These are the most commonly used types. The main reason for the popularity of a digital photocopier is that it can reproduce high quality sharp pages and pictures. It also generates less sound while performing. The digital copiers are easy to use, cost effective, require less maintenance and care, and can be used as multifunction copiers. There are certain digital copiers that permit the users to edit the pages during the photocopying process. Mostly, these copiers utilize laser technology to perform scanning and other functions.

Multifunction Photocopiers: A multifunction photocopying machine can do many functions at a time, including scanning, making copies, computer printing, and faxing. This photocopier does the jobs of four office machines, scanner, copier, fax machine, and printer, and therefore can save a lot of space in your office. Moreover, the latest multifunctional copiers have the ability to send emails of pages without the help of a computer. Typically, the multifunction copiers are cost effective and if maintained properly can last for years.

Network Photocopiers: These are multifunctional devices. They can perform many jobs, such as scanning images, sending data to other computers and sending and obtaining fax messages. A network photocopier is perfect for big offices with heavy workload as it can copy and produce copies from a desk computer and so the users do not need to leave their place to take photocopies. These copier rental singapore can be connected to several computers. They use either digital or laser technology to print and produce copies of pages and pictures.

Laser copier rental singapore: A laser photocopier works similar to a laser printer. Unlike other copiers, these use toner in the place of ink. They can produce photocopies very quickly and clearly.