Keyless Door Locks – Security For Any Business

smart home security

Providing secure, intelligent access solutions for a business is vitally important. Without the utmost in access control, a business’ security can be compromised easily. While there are several ways you can attain the level of security required, none match the benefits provided by smart home security. These seemingly simple devices hold a world of benefits for businesses.

1. Fits Any Door – Unlike many other solutions, keyless door locks can be created to fit any type or size door. This allows every business to have a viable access control solution with all the benefits. These locks provide directional security for a large number of users, making them the best solution for your needs.

2. No Need for Keys – With this type of solution, your need for keys is eliminated. A simple PIN grants you access, while other types have PIN solutions combined with card access. This means that you no longer have to worry about losing keys, having new keys made, or any of the other concerns about traditional door locks.

3. Simple Installation – A qualified professional can install keyless door locks in your business in only a matter of minutes, as well as providing training for their use. These systems offer a wide range of scalable benefits to fit the needs of any company.

4. Door Usage Reports – In addition to providing physical security, keyless door locks have a computer-controlled aspect that provides time and date stamped access reports. This tells you who came and went through the door at any given time. This can be used to track employee access to specific areas, as well as track time and attendance.

5. Programmable – This type of smart home security can also be programmed with specific lock/unlock times, giving you greater security.