How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Enjoy A Quiet Cup Of Tea With A Clothes Drying Rack

clothes hanger

There’s nothing quite like a quiet cup of tea whilst putting your feet up. Reading a good book or listening to a much loved piece of music. It’s almost like meditation. You know that old saying “A little of what you fancy”. Any respite from the daily grind must be welcomed and that especially refers to the daily and weekly washing cycle. Whilst waiting for one’s washing to be completely dried off, one can do a myriad of things to relax themself.

When choosing a new home, the lay out of the kitchen is most important. The newness of the units, the layout of the work surfaces are first to impress. Stainless steel and exotic tiling which hides the practical requirements of heavy loads of household washing and drying often blind us.

Show homes should be complete with a full family wash in process. Dirty laundry across the floor, a fully loaded washing machine with powder and fabric conditioner and of course piles of newly washed laundry ready for drying.

Most new houses are amazingly sold in the spring or autumn and not in the winter when extremes of weather can force us to stay indoors. That is when the indoor wall mounted drying rack or over the bath multi way washing line come into their own.

clothes hanger are fully expanding and retracting to enable maximum use of drying space. They are ideal for busy families and single flat dwellers. They give complete flexibility and independence from the extremes of winter weather. The clothes hanger¬†will dry clothes and household items placed overnight above a radiator. They can be mounted in the kitchen or utility, in the bathroom or even the bedroom. You decrease your carbon footprint every time you eliminate your tumble dryer. It’s as simple as that!

No more frantic gathering up of underwear drying on radiators around the home. Imagine it all tidied away on a central double decker airer system. So if you feel that you may have no place to dry your clothes and you want a more organised as well as more efficient way of drying clothes, utilising a clothes hanger to dry the clothes would be highly beneficial for you.

Take into consideration the fact that you won’t have to take up a big area of the house with a washing machine and you wouldn’t have to use electricity to dry your clothes but instead let the clothes naturally dry up.