How to Hire a Catering Company in Your Local City

christmas buffet catering

You’ve been put in charge of planning and executing a big event at the office. How well you pull this off could mean the difference between a promotion and the unemployment line. So how do you find the christmas buffet catering that’s right for the job? Research, organization and communication will get you the results you desire.

First and most important is to determine a budget for the entire event, not just food. Because catering can be so much more than just food, the company you choose may be able to provide you with most of what you need for the event including flowers, favors, decorations, and staff. Once your budget is determined, start a list of what you would like to have at the event. Bullet point your vision and include everything you can think of that would make the event successful. This list will be pared down until you and the catering company agree on what can be achieved for your budget.

Assuming your event already has a location, start contacting caterers for dates of availability and give them a brief outline of what you are looking for. If you’re hosting a large corporate event, you certainly want to weed out companies that specialize in birthdays for five year olds. Narrow down the list of companies and make appointments to meet with their sales people. Here is where you’ll bring out your “wish list” and determine how much bang you’ll get for your buck. Questions to ask during this meeting might be about how the tables will be decorated, will they provide centerpieces and florals, and what are the different buffets they might provide versus a sit down dinner? Once you’re hashed out the details with the christmas buffet catering salespeople, make a decision as to which company you’ll use based on their willingness to provide the extras that will make the event memorable.

From this point on, communication is key. Stay in constant contact with your catering company to avoid any last minute surprises. Go over the menu, the instructions and everything you agreed upon when singing the contract to avoid last minute surprises. Your organizational skills are key here because it’s ultimately your responsibility to pull off a successful event. Your boss won’t want to hear that it was the caterer’s fault; the buck stops with you. So be vigilant in your research, organization and communication and your event will be one to remember and just might get you that corner office!