Go Green With a Staycation

Cheap staycation Singapore

Cheap staycation Singapore are fast becoming the hot new trend and to say the least they are a great concept. Many times these kinds of vacations are far less costly than traveling, you can do and see more things in less time and it gives you the opportunity to explore things close to home that you normally would not have time to do.

Staycations are smart, eco-friendly, fun and fashionable, you are limiting your use of precious fuel by not traveling to a destination, as your hometown is your destination. You can even treat yourself to a night at a special hotel/resort that you would never think of going to because it was just to close to home. Now is the time to experience those cool places that out of towners love to come to.

Planning a vacation is part of the fun and staycations are no exception. The family can sit down an explore all the fun places right in your own backyard so to speak, the biking and hiking trails, fun picnic areas and parks; local amusement parks, eating breakfast out every morning at the favorite tourist spot. Basically look at your town in the eye of a tourist and go do what they do, be a tourist in your home area.

There is a word of caution about this kind of vacation is, prior to your vacation be sure and get all of your chores around the house before your staycation begins, as you may be tempted to work on projects and not really enjoying the time off and vacationing. So get your house and yard in a fun vacation mode, so you want to stay home and enjoy it. Stock the cupboards with your favorite fun foods and even plan a summer party for friends you usually don’t have time to visit with.

Another great idea is the fact that you will be supporting your local economy; which of course includes your local schools and taxes with the money you do spend, you will keep the taxes in the family so to speak. Treat yourself to a special boutique shopping spree or indulge in that great spa you have had your eye on, get a new fresh summer hair cut at the new salon you saw on your way to work that you just don’t have time for when you are working.

Maybe we will discover that Cheap staycation Singapore are what we needed all along, with gas prices the way they are and possibly the lack of time off since many of us are working more hours to stay ahead of our working budgets, this will give us more time to really enjoy ourselves and return to work more relaxed. That is really what a vacation is about is to relax and rejuvenate ourselves.