Benefits of taking Professional Mobile Shredding Services

There are people that are always ready to take advantage of any given chance. If you shred documents manually, there is chance that a person may gather those papers, piece them together to get your private information.
By hiring mobile shredding services, you eliminate this risk. The paper is cut into such thin pieces that it is impossible to piece these documents together. Moreover, after shredding, this paper lot is taken to the recycling companies thus eliminating the chances of identity theft completely.

Below are some of the benefits that will make you consider hiring a mobile shredding service:

  1. Cost Effective: On-site mobile shredding services save lots of time and money. A shredding truck arrives at your place and destroys the documents within no time.

Manually shredding papers is time consuming and if you use office shredders, they cannot shred the papers with that much efficiency. Office shredders have to be maintained also which is extra cost for your company. On-site shredding saves valuable time of your employees and they can concentrate on their work.

2. Verification of Destroyed Documents: With shredding at your place, you will come to know which papers have been destroyed because the complete process will take place before your eyes leaving no chances of information leak or theft.

A closed-circuit camera records the entire process and lets you know that your documents have been destroyed securely.

3. Secured Privacy: Mobile shredding services uphold the private information of your clients such as their identity, records, financial documents, or any other sensitive data. A strict procedure is followed to destroy the papers.

After destroying the documents, the shredded paper is then sent to the recycling companies in locked containers. Some of the companies go extra miles to keep your information from being leaked.

They mix your paper lot with the other company’s shredded paper thus protecting the data from reconstruction or identification.

4. Legal Compliance: All the top mobile shredding services provide you a Certification of Destruction with information about the data which is destroyed, method of destruction and time when the shredding was done.

This certificate can prove that your organization works according to the rules of local government bodies. If any time your organization comes under scrutiny, the proof of properly destroyed documents may help in reducing your liability.

5. Environment Friendly: Since the mobile shredding services transport your shredded paper to the recycling companies, they give you a green certificate which is essential to show it to your clients. Local governments also encourage environment friendly process of destroying documents.